Aussie Bod Countdown: 26 Days

Hi there, I was unable to hit the gym on Friday because I spent the whole day snowboarding at Trollhaugen with my niece (which was AMAZING), I therefore do not have a workout for you today but I can refer you back to one of Abbie and I’s previously posted workouts that I would highly… Continue reading Aussie Bod Countdown: 26 Days


Aussie Bod Countdown: 27 Days

Happy Saturday 🙂 Here’s my Thursday workout where I really pushed my upper back muscles, I’m unable to make it to the gym until prime time busy hour on Thursdays so when I do go I try to use weight machines that either aren’t as popular or people don’t spend too much time on so… Continue reading Aussie Bod Countdown: 27 Days


Aussie Bod Countdown: 28 Days

Hi hi, Another late night post for you, sorry! But not much to share tonight. Wednesdays (I know today is Friday – I told you I’m off on my posts…) are usually my off days because I work late and have to work early Thursday so I try to get ahead on some sleep. But… Continue reading Aussie Bod Countdown: 28 Days


Aussie Bod Countdown: 29 Days

Hi again, Here’s a heavier (for me) lifting workout  that consists of few exercises, but more sets and a gradual increase in weight. This is where the booty gains begin and this workout, or something similar to it, will probably be repeated at least once a week, maybe twice. This workout only has two supersets and 3 rounds… Continue reading Aussie Bod Countdown: 29 Days


Aussie Bod Countdown: 30 Days

Most of you may not know that Abbie (the blondie) is living up her life in the land down under. Meanwhile, back in the states, I’m with out a gym partner and missing her like crazy! I’ll be visiting her in 30 days meaning I have 30 days to prep that beach bod. The best thing… Continue reading Aussie Bod Countdown: 30 Days


Work Hard, Play Harder

  Today’s Workout Hip Abductor “Squat Holds” – 15 Reps // 3 Sets // 160 lbs Hip Thrusts with Resistance Band – 20 Reps // 3 Sets // No Weight Clam Shells – 20 Reps // 3 Sets // No Weight Kettle Ball Squats – 12 Reps // 3 Sets // 18 lbs Side Steps… Continue reading Work Hard, Play Harder


Muscle Installation in Process

We mustache you a question… are you ready for this? Warm Up: Pull Ups on Rings: 7 Reps // 4 Sets // No Weight Studio Workout: Equipment Needed – Keep in mind your weights may vary from ours: Step Platforms + 10 Risers (5 at each end) Jump Rope Barbell (Bar + 10 lbs on… Continue reading Muscle Installation in Process


Buildin’ That Booty

We’ve been getting some requests to post our workouts, which has always been the plan, however, putting together video footage can sometimes be time consuming so we’ve decided to post a written form of our work outs for those of you who are interested. Warm Up: 7 minutes 0-3 minutes: Run // Speed: 6.5-7.0 mph… Continue reading Buildin’ That Booty

Fitness · Smoothie Sunday

Made with Love

Today’s the day! Whether it’s filled with loads of love or just loads of candy and cheesy valentines cards, why not throw in a valentine’s day smoothie to make for you and your loved one, or just a really large serving for yourself.   Here’s the recipe for a delicious smoothie we made with love: 5… Continue reading Made with Love


I Love You Like My Legs Love Squats.

Not sure our legs love squats, so maybe that statements false.. If you don’t have a valentine this Valentine’s day just remember you’re loved. After watching a “couples” video on cosmopolitan we’ve decided to reenact the abdominal portions of the video to share with you. Some of the moves are new to us, and no posture… Continue reading I Love You Like My Legs Love Squats.