Buildin’ That Booty

We’ve been getting some requests to post our workouts, which has always been the plan, however, putting together video footage can sometimes be time consuming so we’ve decided to post a written form of our work outs for those of you who are interested.

Warm Up: 7 minutes

  • 0-3 minutes: Run // Speed: 6.5-7.0 mph // Incline – 3.0
  • 3-4 minutes: Right Sideways “Gallop” // Speed: 4.0 mph // Incline – 3.0
  • 4-5 minutes: Backwards Run// Speed: 4.0 mph // Incline – 3.0
  • 5 – 6 minutes: Left Sideways “Gallop” // Speed: 4.0 mph // Incline – 3.0
  • 6 – 7 minutes: Run // Speed: 8.0 mph // Incline – 3.0

Pull Ups (Using Rings): 7 Reps // 3 Sets // No Weight

  • This isn’t a leg workout (obviously) but we do these everyday.

Squat Rack: 8 Reps // 3 Sets // 95 lbs

Box Jumps: 10 Reps // 1 Set // No Weight

Wall Balls: 12 Reps // 1 Set // 16 lbs

“Squat Jump-Overs” 10 Reps // 1 Set // No Weight

  • We’re not really sure what these are called, but they basically consist of a squat, then jumping sideways over something, then doing another squat and jumping back over that same object (this equals one rep).
  • We usually use the elevated step platforms with two risers underneath (the more you elevate it, the harder the exercise), today we did not have access to these so we used a mat instead and made a deal that, for every time you didn’t jump far enough and you stepped on the mat, you had to do 15 squats before continuing. We definitely got our butts kicked on this one!

Wall Balls (Yes, again): 12 Reps // 1 Set // 16 lbs

Squat to Side Kick: 10 Reps (Each Leg) // 1 Set // No Weight

Single Leg Glute Bridges: 10 Reps (Each Leg) // 1 Set // No Weight

  • Note: on the last rep, hold for 10 seconds, then release.

Wall Balls (We do these because we love the burn): 12 Reps // 1 Set // 16 lbs

“Box Step Ups”: 10 Reps (Each Leg) // 1 Set // 16 lbs ( one 8 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Pulsing Squats: 15 Reps // 1 Set // No Weight

  • These consist of a squat, then pulsing three times, then coming back up from the squat and repeating.

Doggies (aka fire hydrants): 55 Reps  (Each Leg) // 1 set // No Weight

  • We do these by first doing 10 reps with one leg, then 10 reps with the other. Next we do 9 reps with one leg, then 9 reps with the other, then 8 reps, 7, and so on. At the last rep, we raise our leg and hold it for 10 seconds.

Now go and break a leg,

Well, don’t do that but that’s kind of how we felt after this workout!

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3 thoughts on “Buildin’ That Booty

    1. You’re not alone! We have actually recently started doing these so they’re new to us as well. I’ll bet you’ve seen them before you just might not know that they were called wall balls. Here’s a link to show you what they’re all about!

      Also, we didn’t have a high wall to throw the walls against so when we do these we either throw them straight in the air and catch them (which works your arms even more because you’re using more force to throw it higher) or we do them with each other and throw the ball back and forth with a nice arched form. We like the partnered ones because it encourages us to keep going no matter how much it burns – if one rests than the other one has to rest and we wouldn’t want to do that to each other 😉


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