Aussie Bod Countdown: 27 Days

Happy Saturday 🙂

Here’s my Thursday workout where I really pushed my upper back muscles, I’m unable to make it to the gym until prime time busy hour on Thursdays so when I do go I try to use weight machines that either aren’t as popular or people don’t spend too much time on so I can get my reps in. I’ve really learned to enjoy working my upper back because, with time and dedication, you can see a lot of improvement! Side note – this picture is old, but still good!

First “Superset” (not technically a superset, I rested about 30 seconds in between each set):

Perform each of the following on the assisted pull up/chin up machine (3 times each):

Note: I had my weight set at 30 lbs, in the case of this machine, less weight = better! Also, the grip refers to which handles to hold on to, I believe most machines are the same but if not, the one I used had 4 different handle positions.

Wide Grip: 8-10 (until failure)

Standard Grip: 8-10 reps (until failure)

Low Grip: 6-8 reps (until failure)

Closed Grip (palms facing each other): 8-10 reps (until failure)

Second Superset:

Part One, complete one round

Wide-Grip Lat Pull Down – 55 lbs – 10 reps

Seated Row: Upper grip handle – 55 lbs – 7 reps ;; Lower grip handle – 70 lbs – 10 reps

Part Two, repeat twice

Wide-Grip Lat Pull Down – 70 lbs – 6 reps

Seated Row: Upper grip handle – 55 lbs – 7 reps ;; Lower grip handle – 75 lbs – 10 reps

Third Superset:

Lateral Raises – 10 lb dumbbell (x2 – one in each hand) – 10 reps

Bicep Curls – 18 lb dumbbell (x2) – 7 reps (until failure)

Tricep Pull Downs on Lat Pull Machine – 25 lbs – 10 reps

(I do tricep pull downs by standing at the lat machine, and pull the bar down to my belly button in a form that engages your triceps)


Leg Drops: 20 reps (here’s how)

Straight Leg Sit Ups w/ dumbbell: 10 lbs – 20 reps

Russian Twists w/ dumbbell: 18 lbs – 30 reps

Plank: 45 seconds

Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs, fruit smoothie with peanut butter.

Snack: Mango chobani yogurt with granola.

Lunch: Chicken breast, sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt, cinnamon, and powdered ginger, 1/2 avocado.

Pre Workout Snack: 1/2 avocado, banana

Post Workout Snack: Protein Shake (20 g of protein)

Dinner: Seasoned tilapia with sautéed zuchinni.

Off to work, sorry if this post wasn’t very explanatory, I’m in a rush! Let me know if you want me to explain more 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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