Aussie Bod Countdown: 29 Days

Hi again,

Here’s a heavier (for me) lifting workout  that consists of few exercises, but more sets and a gradual increase in weight. This is where the booty gains begin and this workout, or something similar to it, will probably be repeated at least once a week, maybe twice. This workout only has two supersets and 3 rounds of abs, but that does not make it an easy workout.

The first superset involves standard squats on the squat rack and curtsy lunges.

Superset 1:

Standard Squats – 3 sets at 75 lbs – 8 reps // 1 set at 85 lbs – 7 reps // 1 set at 95 lbs – 6 reps

(note: I didn’t choose to do 8 reps, then 7, etc. I went to failure and this is how many I could complete)

Curtsy Lunges – 3 sets at 30 lbs (15lb dumbbell x2) – 10 reps each leg // 1 set at 50 lbs – 10 reps each leg.

The second superset involves full deadlifts and straight leg deadlifts.

Superset 2:

Full Deadlift – 2 sets at 85 lbs – 10 reps // 2 sets at 95 lbs – 8 reps // 1 set at 95 lbs – 7 reps

Straight Leg Deadlift – 2 sets at 85 lbs – 10 reps // 3 sets at 95 lbs – 10 reps

Abs: (repeat three times)

Bicycles – 30 reps (15 each side)

Table top crunches – 20 reps

(Table top crunches are crunches where your legs are lifted at a 90 degree angle, like a tabletop)

Russian Twists – 20 reps – 18 lb dumbbell

Meal Plan

Pre workout snack: One slice of whole wheat toast with all natural creamy peanut butter.

Post workout: Protein shake (20g of protein).

Breakfast: 3 egg whites + breakfast smoothie.

Lunch: Lemon pepper chicken breast with broccoli and baked sweet potatoes that I coated with coconut oil and seasoned with cinnamon, sea salt, and powdered ginger.

Dinner: Baked salmon with an avocado glaze (recipe here) and plain steamed green beans.

And then I may have enjoyed a cocktail at Young Joni’s in Northeast Minneapolis. I don’t believe the drink had any carbs in it, but ironically the drink itself was called “No Judgements.” So none of you are allowed to judge me, hah 🙂

I’m turning in for the night, but if you’re laying in bed reading this on your phone, you should consider knocking out this workout in the morning!

Gnight loves.



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