Aussie Bod Countdown: 28 Days

Hi hi,

Another late night post for you, sorry! But not much to share tonight. Wednesdays (I know today is Friday – I told you I’m off on my posts…) are usually my off days because I work late and have to work early Thursday so I try to get ahead on some sleep. But here’s a quick “workout” – if you can consider it that – that I did in my living room.

Complete this round of exercises three times:

Pushups – 10 reps

Kneeling Tricep Pushups (I can’t do regular one’s very well) – 10 reps

Anchored Sit Ups (I put my toes under the couch) – 50 reps

Plank – 1 minute

Left Side Plank – 30 seconds

Right Side Plank – 30 seconds

That’s it! Nice and quick for anytime you feel like you’ve been lazy all day.

Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites + 1 whole egg, fruit smoothie.

Lunch: Lemon pepper seasoned chicken breast, broccoli, and baked sweet potatoes using coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt, cinnamon, and powdered ginger.

Dinner: Protein shake and a lot of broccoli (about a cup and a half) – not much for dinner because I was at work and too busy for a break.

Not much to share this time, but by posting every night it keeps me motivated and dedicated, sorry it’s not very exciting!

Gnight world,


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