Buildin’ That Booty

We’ve been getting some requests to post our workouts, which has always been the plan, however, putting together video footage can sometimes be time consuming so we’ve decided to post a written form of our work outs for those of you who are interested. Warm Up: 7 minutes 0-3 minutes: Run // Speed: 6.5-7.0 mph… Continue reading Buildin’ That Booty

Fitness · Smoothie Sunday

Made with Love

Today’s the day! Whether it’s filled with loads of love or just loads of candy and cheesy valentines cards, why not throw in a valentine’s day smoothie to make for you and your loved one, or just a really large serving for yourself.   Here’s the recipe for a delicious smoothie we made with love: 5… Continue reading Made with Love


I Love You Like My Legs Love Squats.

Not sure our legs love squats, so maybe that statements false.. If you don’t have a valentine this Valentine’s day just remember you’re loved. After watching a “couples” video on cosmopolitan we’ve decided to reenact the abdominal portions of the video to share with you. Some of the moves are new to us, and no posture… Continue reading I Love You Like My Legs Love Squats.


Abs Of Steel

Lol. Again here we go with the exaggerations. Abs of steel in the process I guess. Enjoy our newest abdomen workout!   Abdomen Workout Mountain Climbers with Discs – 45 Seconds Rest 15 Seconds Planks with Elbow Touches – 45 Seconds Rest 15 Seconds Disc Reaches – 45 Seconds Rest 15 Seconds Plank Toe “Taps”… Continue reading Abs Of Steel


You Can’t Spell ‘Legendary’ Without ‘Leg Day’

Ok so maybe we’re not quite legendary, but wheres the fun if you don’t dream big right? To officially kick off the Health & Fitness portion of our blog we decided to upload a Nikki Blackketter circuit of exercises for our favorite day of the week … leg day! We are still working to perfect… Continue reading You Can’t Spell ‘Legendary’ Without ‘Leg Day’


1,660 Miles From Home: Washington, USA

As promised, we’ve put together a short video of memorable moments from our recent trip to Seattle, WA.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our previous post, Sisters Take On Seattle, for more information on some tourist attractions of both Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

We’re still new to this blog thing so please feel free to comment below any suggestions you might have to improve or to add to our site 🙂


𝓐 & 𝓐

Video Features: Lime Kiln State ParkHotel MaxThe “Gum Wall”Blue C SushiThe Space NeedlePiroshky PiroshkyPike Place MarketAssagio’s Italian RestaurantGas Works Park – all highly recommended places to visit!


Sisters Take On Seattle

After a short month of planning we recently decided to take a trip to Seattle, Washington. This past summer Ashley studied in Washington and was eager to go back for a visit. Funny enough we made a slogan to save up for this trip in such a short amount of time, “SFS” – Save For… Continue reading Sisters Take On Seattle