You Can’t Spell ‘Legendary’ Without ‘Leg Day’

Ok so maybe we’re not quite legendary, but wheres the fun if you don’t dream big right?

To officially kick off the Health & Fitness portion of our blog we decided to upload a Nikki Blackketter circuit of exercises for our favorite day of the week … leg day!

We are still working to perfect our form but with practice we continue to improve. We are no were near professionals, just showing our routines and growing along side all of you! We are a realistic blog, showing you that it doesn’t always come easy the first time. So enjoy continuing on this fitness journey with us as we learn to do it right!

If you have any questions or advice feel free to comment, we are always open to some healthy criticism 🙂


 Killer Leg Workout

– 12 Reps of Single Leg Step Ups (use weights to increase difficulty)

– 12 Reps of Single Leg Jumps

(Repeat on each leg)

-10 Reps of Single Leg Lunges (hold a weight to increase difficulty)

-12 Reps of Weighted Squats Holds

-12 Reps of Jump Up Squats

-12 Reps of Deadlifts

[Complete this workout 3 times]

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