Aussie Bod Countdown: 18 Days


First off, I’d like to say that I’m proud that I’ve followed my workout plan for this long. I’ve always gone to the gym a few times weekly but I got even more committed to going about a week before I began the 30 day countdown. In addition, I’ve also been following a very strict diet plan, turning down lots of goodies that come my way! So I’d say that I deserve a day off, that’s not my planned off day, and a day to fall a little off track with my meal plan.

So for this day I skipped the gym, I actually love to go to the gym and get kind of crabby when I don’t make it, but I was sooooooo exhausted, I just needed to let my body rest. I also need to go grocery shopping and I have learned that I am most tempted to eat unhealthy when I don’t have groceries because the only things I have to work with are mainly unhealthy things; think pizza rolls, chips, and anything to satisfy those extreme carb cravings. This mainly happened to me on Day 17, which I will post soon.

So here’s my meal plan for this last Sunday:

Pre-Breakfast: I woke up soo hungry, I immediately went to the pot pie from work and ate the crust (best part) off of it. Then I drank an entire can of coconut water, which I thought was good for me but later realized that it has a TON of sugar (not all coconut water, just this brand) – no wonder it was so delicious.

Breakfast: Omelette made with 3 whole eggs, cheese, zucchini, spinach, onions, green peppers, garlic, and tomatoes + fruit smoothie.

Lunch: I actually didn’t eat lunch…because I had breakfast so late, MAJOR MISTAKE. When I allow myself to get too hungry, I crave carbs (the unhealthy kind) more than ever.

Snack: Banana + 3 protein bites.

Dinner: Busy at work, no time for dinner! BAD BAD BAD. When you “starve” yourself your body goes into a mode that conserves your energy resulting in a slower metabolism. Most of us know that a slower metabolism means inefficiently burning off that calorie intake! Your body could also turn to your muscles for fuel and that would mean all these workouts are a waste of time because I’m trying to build muscle!

Oh and by the way, I lift all the time and my body doesn’t look like the hulk – toned and muscular -yes – but not bulky and hulk like. So do your research ladies!

Much Love,



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