Sisters Take On Seattle

After a short month of planning we recently decided to take a trip to Seattle, Washington. This past summer Ashley studied in Washington and was eager to go back for a visit. Funny enough we made a slogan to save up for this trip in such a short amount of time, “SFS” – Save For Seattle. This helped us convince each other of all the things we really didn’t need. We spent a day out on San Juan Island, and a few days exploring all the city has to offer. So cheers to new adventures & we hope you enjoy all our photos from the trip, stay tuned for an upcoming Seattle video!


On our day trip to San Juan Island we visited Friday Harbor labs – playing with a sea star, one of the many weird things we held that day. Later we bundled up and headed to Lime Kiln State Park which is known as one of the best places in the world to whale watch from land. Although it was cold and rainy, our efforts were rewarded when we spotted several orcas!  (unfortunately they were a little too far away for photos). We learned from a friend that one way to identify a male versus a female orca is that the males dorsal fin is tall and straight whereas the dorsal fin of females are smaller and slightly curved. We also learned that the male’s dorsal fins can get up to six feet tall! Now that’s a big whale.
The ever-so-famous Space Needle that not only adds to Seattle’s beautiful skyline but also holds a great view of the city. After days of good weather we finally got the Seattle rain. We stood out as tourist as soon as everyone broke out their pocket umbrellas while we searched for shelter.
Of course we couldn’t miss the famous Piroshky Piroshky Bakery in Pikes Place Market where we clearly splurged a little.
Seattle Doesn’t Settle – Street art on the side of Hotel Max (highly recommended for their great location and awesome customer service).
The gum “wall”, more like alley! It was crazy to see just how many people have visited this alley and contributed to the strange art. (No thats not our gum heart, we just made a huge blob. So artsy….)
Visited Gas Works Park to get a look at the Seattle Skyline. If you have ever watched Bill Nye or 10 Things I Like About You they have both shot scenes around the park.
Assagio Ristorante Seattle
  Props to these two for a successful photobomb and a special thanks to our waiter at Assagio’s for astounding service!

In addition, thank you to our friends Jono and Mac for giving us a glimpse of Washington and all it has to offer.

Until next time, Seattle. 

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